General information

Olav M. Skulberg isolated one of the first green algae strain in the collection in 1959. Today, NIVA-CHL1 is one of the most widely used test algae in the world.

The Norwegian Culture Collection of Algae, NORCCA, is the largest algal culture collection in the Nordic countries and maintains and distributes more than 2000 strains of cyanobacteria, microalgae and macroalgae. It is owned and maintained by the Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA) and the University of Oslo (UIO) in collaboration. It is localised at NIVA, Oslo in Forskningsparken and at UiO, Department of Biosciences at Blindern campus. NORCCA is a part of the European infrastructure EMBRC and the Norwegian national infrastructure EMBRC-Norway. It is also a core facility at UiO.

NORCCA offers algal strains used for research, education, innovation and commercial use for both public and private laboratories, and schools. We can also offer algal medium. We can support the users with advice on culturing and selection of strains, and we can connect you to algal researchers at NIVA and UiO for expert advice or collaboration.

NORCCA was established in 2016 when three culture collections merged into one; the NIVA Culture Collection of Algae (NIVA-CCA), The University of Oslo Culture Collection of Algae (UIO-CCA) and the Scandinavian Culture Collection of Algae and Protozoa (SCCAP) at the University of Copenhagen (UoC), Denmark.